why Real?

[Rural Entrepreneurship And Leadership] REAL Breakthrough was conceptualized with a vision to promote entrepreneurship to empower the youth of today, especially in the rural areas who has less or no access to information, and technology, to transform their future by way of mentoring, coaching and more than everything, just being a friend.

We firmly believe that:

  • Empowering rural youth, especially women, in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) would greatly and positively impact the society.
  • Promoting responsible entrepreneurship and leadership is the only way forward to create a harmonious community.
  • The only wealth we can keep for our-self, is the wealth we give away.
  • We can grow, only as a community, by contributing to each other.
  • Determination is the key. To be a change, the change you want to see, is the way to break traditions and do something different.

We are actively promoting Entrepreneurship and Applied Leadership by way of mentoring, coaching, conducting workshops and seminars in and around south Tamil Nadu.